024 – Money In The Streets: Embracing Change And Finding Opportunities Along The Way With Barry Habib

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BCS 24 | Embracing Change


Just when we thought this year is never going to end, we are now in the fourth quarter, realizing how so many opportunities seem to pass us by with the pandemic going on. It’s time we take the control back as we learn how to embrace change and gear up for a much better 2021. In this episode, Brian Covey talks to American entrepreneur, author, CEO of MBS Highway, and media resource for his Mortgage and Housing expertise, Barry Habib. Through his upcoming book, Money in the Streets, Barry takes us into his own experiences of overcoming hardships and learning how to seize opportunities despite everything. He offers great mindset tactics that have never been more relevant in our current time. He shares the techniques that allowed him to scale the ladder—becoming confident, embracing change, and getting people to trust you. Join Brian and Barry in this great conversation where they show you the endless opportunities out there if you only will yourself to learn and explore.

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Money In The Streets: Embracing Change And Finding Opportunities Along The Way With Barry Habib

BCS 24 | Embracing Change

Money in the Streets: A Playbook for Finding and Seizing the Opportunity All Around You.

This episode is extra special. I get to bring on my good friend Barry Habib. Most of you guys, if you’re in real estate mortgage you know who Barry is but for those of you who don’t know Barry, he has a long list of confidence I can go through. I’ll tell you guys, the guy’s a rock star, not only Rock of Ages, which musicianship I dig that piece there but as an entrepreneur, Barry’s in a lot of different things. I brought him on to talk about his book coming up in October 2020, Money in the Streets, and also to talk about opportunities.

2020 is probably, for many of us, we’ve either seized the opportunity or for some of us, who are reading, we haven’t found the opportunity. We’ve got to prepare for 2021. I love bringing on guests like Barry that have figured out a way to tap into not only their God-given talents and strengths in what they do, but he communicates value. Every time he’s on, I listen to him and I learn something new. He communicates in a way that I can digest information that many times is complex. Barry, welcome.

It’s great to be with you. As always, I love all the things you’re doing and all the good you give back. God bless you. It’s great.

I follow guys like you because, for all of us in 2020, we’re trying to give back and add value in a year that we came into thinking it was going to be one way and it’s clearly not been. We were laughing for one night after some of the debates and things going on. Even in our industry, things have not played out the way we want it but as leaders and as good citizens, we have to make sure that we make the best of it and you’ve done that. I love how you’ve continued to give back whether it’s getting on shows like this. I remember back in March 2020 when everything was set. You were on shows probably every day for 2 or 3 times a day.

We’re trying to help out and give some guidance as to how to navigate those difficult times. When the margin call started because our fed wanted to try and do good, but they didn’t realize that what they were doing was having an incredibly adverse effect on mortgage and real estate. When the mortgage and real estate markets were literally on the ropes, I was blessed that I was in a position where I get in front of the fed and explained what they were doing. We made that correction. We used the media resources and here we are. It was a good thing.

We were talking about this before it went on but those people, in reference to the presidential debate that occurred, and if you want to even call it that, I’m not political in this at all but it was not our finest moment for sure. You would hope that things do improve from there. It was the type of thing that was more suited for UFC pay-per-view that you get Bruce Buffer to introduce the contestants. It left me feeling, “Is this the best that we could do?” It’s a bit of a disappointment for me personally.

I’d be remiss if we didn’t at least put that out there in the context where we are. You’ve stepped up as far as leadership and things that we’re seeing now. You look at mortgage, real estate, entrepreneurs, and everybody, this year felt it could have been 12 or 15 months because so much has happened so fast. You’ve got your new book and for many of the teams and people reading, they’re already starting to plan for 2021. The fourth quarter is going to fly by for many of us. I’d love to go back. For those that don’t know about your book, I want to put a plug because I’m fired up. This is something that people need to engage in and the little bit that I’ve got of it. Let’s tell everybody a little bit about the book and what the genesis of the book for you and what they can expect out of there.

Money in the Streets is a wonderful book and it’s gotten incredible reviews and its pre-sale are through the roof so far. It’s not even launched yet, but there’s a lot of buzz around it. If you’re going through a tough time, which we all do, every one of us will suffer. There’s no exclusion from that, unfortunately. If you’re going through a tough time, it will help you to get through that and get through more quickly. There’s always another tough time that we’re going to be facing so this will help you with that. If you’re going through a great time, it’ll help you maximize it.

Most importantly, what it will help you do is it will help you see opportunities because there are opportunities everywhere. Many of us are looking, “Where are the opportunities?” You see people capitalize on stuff and it’s like, “How did they do it? What happened? Why would they seemingly be in the right place at the time?” Luck has to do with a lot of things but it all starts with seeing an opportunity. That’s what this book will help you do because that is something that you can train yourself to do. It’s to see the opportunity.

The biggest thing that Money in the Streets will help people with and that’s what people who have read it said. It has now opened their eyes to a different way of thinking. When people like Tony Robbins decides that although he does not give endorsements, he writes an unbelievable portion of the foreword. When you’ve got Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister who created Facebook Live, writes the foreword for the book. These are people, these are world leaders who feel that this book is an important book for people to see and to read.

The name Money in the Streets, we can start there for a second because people who are either of foreign descent, first-generation here or maybe their first-timers here in the United States and they’ve come from a family, maybe you can relate to the fact that what people from other countries hear about the United States is it’s so wealthy and rich and there’s money in the streets. It’s such a rich country. That’s a terminology that people have been accustomed to hearing before they come to the US.

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I’m the first generation with my parents, who were immigrants from Europe. They came here and they were no exception. They thought that the United States was this incredible opportunity but when they came here, they realized that it was a lot tougher than they had thought. Not speaking the language number one. My dad, who was an international journalist in Europe, and my mom didn’t work there. She had to be pulled out of school when she was young so she never learned to read or write. She was extremely intelligent and spoke seven languages. My dad spoke ten. For her to come here without being able to read and write was hard and my dad passed away when I was a young kid.

I wasn’t supposed to even be here. If abortions were legal, back when I was born, I would not be here because my dad is 57 and my mom was 40. Today maybe that’s not so crazy, especially the older I get the less crazy it seems. When we think about back then that was certainly unusual and when my dad passed away when I was younger my mom worked in a sweatshop where they make dresses. We were super poor and we knew about the opportunity here.

My mom would tell me the story about before she came to the United States of how they were told there’s money in the streets. She would laugh about it. It was almost sad with the way it was brought but learning things that I learned through time, before my mom passed away, I sat with her and I was able to say, “Mom, you were right. There is money in the streets here. All you have to be able to do is first see it, know how to pick it up, and do good with it.” That’s what the book will tell you to do. It’s how to pick up the money that’s in the streets. There is.

I can’t wait. I don’t want to spoil it all for everybody but I’m sure people are thinking, for all of us, we’re trying to figure out where the money is in the streets? What is the opportunity for each of us and it could be a little bit different? I love how you talked about that luck. I always think about the preparation meets opportunity and luck quote. As an athlete, that always resonated with me. It’s like, “You’ve got to prepare, show up, and have clarity,” but for many of us it is showing up. For 2021, I would love to pick your brain on this. I think it correlates. As we start to transition to 2021 and people start planning, where do you think there will be an opportunity for people to find success and money in the streets there being that some of it feel like it could be the same as 2020? Let’s hope it’s not all the same.

There’s opportunity everywhere now. You think about the amount of chaos and change, which presents an opportunity. Change is uncomfortable but change is good too. It feels good to change your underwear every morning so it’s a good thing. Change is pretty good if you embrace it and most people resist change so that’s the first thing. It starts with your mindset and what is your mindset? How do you begin? How do you approach it every day? How do you approach challenges and change? If you approach the change by embracing it and looking for the opportunities, we typically think like this.

You probably know this about me, I enjoy cars, driving, track driving, and instruction so I’ve spent a lot of time on the track and instructors trying to be a better driver. Here’s something that’s interesting. If you want to be a better driver, here’s a great driving tip. If you catch yourself doing this, 99% of people when they drive, they typically look at the car in front of them or a short distance. You will be so much of a better driver if you stop doing that. What you have to do is look down the road. Here’s an exercise that you can do and I have this in the book.

Brian, if you take a bottle of water and put about 15 to 20 feet in front of you on the ground. I want you to look back and look at that bottle of water. When you do, try and look at a sign that might be down the road. You won’t be able to see it. If you simply focus your eyes on the sign, you’ll still see the bottle of water. Not only is this a great lesson for the way you should drive, but it’s also a great lesson for the way you should drive through life. Most of us are looking here and we’re missing this. If you start looking here, we can still see this but we are now able to take this in. It’s an important thing for us to understand that it all starts here. Adjust and these aren’t big changes. These are tweaks.

One of the other things I learned how to do is and I like this stuff, I took flying lessons. When I learned how to fly, the instructor would tell me, “Small tweaks.” You can’t do this when you’re on an airplane. Small adjustments and tweaks. Many of us think that in order to capture huge success, we have to make these enormous changes. It’s not necessarily so. Sometimes you have to make larger changes if you’re on the wrong path but for many of you reading, it means you already have this year. If you didn’t have this, you wouldn’t be reading because why are you reading? You’re reading because you want to learn something as you get better so you’ve already got tools. You’re already on the path. All you need is some small tweaks so remember that. You’re pretty close to where you need to be. It’s small tweaks along the way.

I love that and that’s going to stick with me. The water bottle and the sign. It was making me think about soccer. As a goalkeeper, all the play was ahead of me and in front of me. You had to be able to see. You can’t only look at the one player there. You have to see everything happening much in front of you. The great leaders and I’m looking at the people who are successful that are doing that. They’re seeing through the clutter and the chaos that does exist some days and they’re seeing opportunity, especially in the mortgage space. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about the mortgage space now. There’s more demand than we’ve ever seen and all this change is happening.

You said it a couple of years ago in a sales rally. I was going back through some of your notes and it was talking about how when the times are good, it makes everybody look good and it’s easy. This won’t last forever. I would love to pick your brain because you’ve been doing this, you are highly successful, you’ve originated and you’ve done all these things. What should those originators or people in real estate sales be thinking about how to start preparing for when it’s not like this and the market is not this way.

It won’t always be like this. We know that already. It’s foolish to think about that. About months ago, everybody was starving and saying, “I was seeing people get out of the business.” The big word in the industry was margin compression, layoff, this and that. It wasn’t years ago, it was months ago. Don’t read and believe your own press clippings as the old saying goes. You’ve got a big tailwind behind you. A little humility here is probably wise and it changes quickly. Where interest rates are now if they were to go up, let’s say to 0.5%, which is not that big of a move, what would your business look like?

I believe the purchase market will remain strong. There are some dynamics in the purchase market. For the next few years, you’re going to be in good shape. However, there are other factors you’ve got to watch out for. It’s all this public money that is coming into companies as they go public now and that means they’re going to come after you. There are things that you need to be doing now but what you have to understand is that the key to any success in any sales is your ability to convert from conversation to either application, contract, or whatever you want to talk about here but that’s where it all begins. How do you win people’s trust? You win people’s trust by not being someone who is an order taker, not being less knowledgeable than the client, not selling them, but helping them and the keyword here is, advisor. Brian, people say, “I’m an advisor.” That’s baloney. You’re not an advisor because you put on your name tag. It takes a long time.

When I started as a young guy, in my early twenties selling stereo equipment literally out of the trunk of my car, I devoured everything I could learn so when I spoke to someone as a young kid, I gained their confidence right away as someone that knew their stuff and they could trust. Trust is what it’s all about. Trust is what it’s all about in a relationship, personally, with your kids and with your customer. How do you win the trust and do you do it quickly? There are two ways.

The first is with your knowledge so you can’t give what you don’t have. Here’s the good news. Gaining knowledge takes hard work. Why is that good news? Because the vast majority of people won’t do it. That’s why it’s so great. Do you know why it’s easy to be successful? It’s because so few people are willing to do it. Few people are willing to make the sacrifices to learn but do you know how great it feels when you’re a master of your craft. That confidence comes through.

The other way is by being completely transparent and telling people and go out of your way to tell them everything bad about the transaction. Show people that you’re willing to lose a commission if it benefits them. Once you’ve crossed that enormous chasm, you are now able to win people’s trust and that goes for, by the way, that’s life. Having a relationship with your most important, the closest person to you and with your kids, everywhere. Be transparent. Be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid. That’s how you get people to trust you and tell them all the bad stuff. Tell all your customers all the bad stuff.

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Include it in. Why do you think it is so hard? Because talk about building trust and I’ve heard you talk about this. Every time I hear you talk about though, I do learn something new. Even when you’re sharing that I’m thinking through and reflecting in my own self-awareness, “How do I behave in those situations?” Why do you think it’s hard for people? They still struggle with it.

Because of fear of loss. It’s like, “I’ve got this commission and I don’t want to risk losing it.” In South America, one of the rare animals to capture are the spider monkeys. The hunters who capture them have created an ingenious way. What they do is, because these monkeys are nocturnal, they only come out at night so they have these heavy boxes that are ventilated with the monkey’s foods that make them go crazy. It is ventilated, they can’t get in, except for a small slit in the box.

The monkeys are smart. They find it at night, there’s no one around, and they get the slit in the box, they put their hand in, they get the food, but when they go to take their food out, they can’t get it out. Why? Because the clenched fist can’t get out of the box. All the monkey has to do to get their freedom and everything they want is let go but because they don’t let go, they essentially trap and capture themselves and the hunters come and pick them up. It’s crazy.

What we need to understand is that by trying to be overly protective, we trap ourselves. How’s your relationship worked out when you’re all over someone and not letting them go and not letting them breathe? How have those situations worked out? It’s the same way with your customer. I’m not saying we go the other direction. There’s a big difference between wanting and needing. We want the sale but the sun will still come up tomorrow if we don’t have the sale so therefore we don’t need it but we want it. You need air, food, water, and shelter. You need those things, maybe throw love in there too. Wanting is one thing and it’s good to want. Needing is another and the needier you are to your client. The more desperate that you appear and people who are desperate will do or say anything, whether or not it’s in the best interest of the customer.

The more you show that customer that you can stand back instead of being on opposite ends of the table, be on the same side of the table, and essentially treat that customer as if it were your child, parent, best friend, and warning them of things instead of selling them on things, it makes all the difference in the world. Who else are they going to go with? That transcends price. They’re going to be willing to do business with you. On top of that, tell everyone they know about you.

I hope people go back and read to that part because that’s such a mindset shift and even the language you use, how you interact and engage in that conversation. If we were looking out for people that way, like they were a family member, which they pretty much are when you go through a transaction like this, it is definitely engaging. I would love to shift gears a little because I want to pick your brain on this. In 2020, we’ve talked about technology a lot and there have been shifts, and as we’re looking to gain trust and build these relationships.

I’ve noticed you’ve shifted quite a bit we all have had to have to. We’re not flying out doing these face to face meetings. We’re not interacting we used to and I’ve seen you adapt. Has there been anything that you’ve seen up that stood out where either you’ve done it or you’ve seen somebody do something ingenious that’s working well to engage and build trust through social and this technology that now we’ve all, whether we liked it or not, is part of the game now every day?

You build familiarity by utilizing what you have out there now. We’re at a wonderful age. Years ago, you couldn’t do this but you can do a show like you’re doing now, Brian. You’re getting a lot of notoriety and people become more familiar with you. That familiarity helps as well in building trust because you become a brand. When you go to the supermarket and you see an item there, that’s a brand that you recognize, you tend to gravitate towards those. We tend to do that.

By the way, there is a specific reason for this. It is a survival mechanism that’s been ingrained in our minds. It’s recognizing patterns that are familiar to us and makes us feel safer. That’s why if you are in any sales, it is important for your brand to be out there and utilize the beauty and no cost of social media but you can’t get out there and say, “Come to me.” You have to provide value. Brian, look at what you’re doing. You’re trying to bring on guests that may provide value and it’s a privilege for me to be with you here. I hope that I’m able to do that but you’re providing value. You’re helping others and you’re bringing people on that can do that as well.

For those of you that are reading, why shouldn’t you? When I first got into the mortgage business and another thing, I had to learn everything, I had to be an advisor and an expert. I learned that from when I was selling stereo equipment. By putting in all of that time and doing all that, it allowed me, as a young kid now in the mortgage business to win the trust of people that were decades older than me, who had much more experience than me. Because they quickly said, “He’s a young kid, but this kid knows what he’s talking about.”

BCS 24 | Embracing Change

Embracing Change: You win people’s trust by not being someone who is an order taker, less knowledgeable than the client, and selling them but by really helping them.


Here I am no longer a kid by any stretch but I still strive to do that every day and be a master of my craft every day and learn every day because there’s so much to learn and this allows you to stay ahead. Brian, when we utilize these things on social media and put that out there to people, it changes everything because then people start to view you as that resource, that authority, that familiar brand, that they know and trust. It’s not that hard to do.

There are things changing every single day. Think about the news that came out as we do this. I know that we’re doing this live however there are the people who are reading this later on. Understand that there’s news that came out with regards to housing that’s going to affect people, mortgage, and real estate. We can certainly discuss what is going on in housing, inventory, and prices. We can discuss the fact that somebody like Diana Olick or ATTOM Data, which is always negative on the market, why are they negative? What did they miss? Diana Olick was saying, “Home prices are getting too hot, too heavy. They rose by 11%.” That’s because she doesn’t understand it. What great clarification points.

If I were you, I’d do a one minute video saying, “Let’s not be mistaken. Home prices are going up and they are going up at a good clip that’s creating wealth. Is it too hot? The media thinks that it’s going up 11%. It’s not. That’s the median home price change.” The media doesn’t understand that. The median home price simply means that there were half the homes purchased above this price, half the homes purchased beneath this price. The median home price could go up or down and actual appreciation or depreciation could be moving in the opposite direction.

When you look at actual appreciation, this was reported, it’s up 4.8%. It’s much more modest and when you look at incomes going to be 5.3% per year, you say, “Income is easily keeping up with that.” That’s another thing that the media misses. Income doesn’t have to match appreciation for it to be affordable, because you don’t use all of your income towards your house payment. You use a small portion. A quick example. If your income is $5,000 a month and the mortgage payment in the previous year if you would have purchased a home at $1,000 a month now if you didn’t buy that home, and that home went up that 5%. That means if it straight stayed the same, instead of $1,000 a month your payment this year, if you decided to buy a home would go up to $1,050. Your affordability got hit by $50. What about your income? How much did your income have to go up to keep up with that 5% increase?

Does it have to go 5%? No, because a $50 increase in payment is only 1% of your income. If your income goes up 1% you can keep pace with a 5% rate of increase in home prices assuming that interest rates stay the same. What we’re saying here is if incomes have gone up 5% over the past year, you can potentially afford 10 to 15 since interest rates went lower. You can have 1% appreciation and have your affordability get better, not worse. This is what you need to be able to own not memorize. It’s a huge difference. Own this, learn it, and have it be part of you so when you explain this to your customer when you use the things that you were saying on social media, you get interests, likes, eyeballs and you gain trust. When you meet with people and you talk to them, you get conversion into a contract or application of it.

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That’s substance and I love what you shared. I’m going to share that with our team because what you were talking about is there’s so much data being shared, applications up and down, appreciation up and down, and all that. Let’s cut through and find that one minute that matters to a customer that’s making a decision that you can help educate as your point.

Brian, here’s the thing, the beauty of it is that you have this every day and you have this ability every day, however, you cannot give what you don’t have. If you don’t have the knowledge, you can’t give this advice. Which means you have to go back and make sure that you’re sharpening yourself, you’re pushing yourself to get better every day. This is why I love sales. I love it. You’re an athlete, believe it or not, I used to be one too.

I was pretty decent in high school and for some reason, when I got to the college level, it seemed a lot of people passed me by but I was competitive and I was driven. I got early to practice. I worked on my own. I wanted to be there. I wanted it to be me but it wasn’t in the cards, because God did not give me enough ability compared to the others that made the cut. It wasn’t there for me, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Athletics is a bit unfair because if you don’t jump faster, higher, and run faster stronger than someone else, whatever the talent or skill required is doesn’t matter how much you try.

It’s not like that for sales. For sales, I don’t have to run faster than somebody, I don’t have to jump higher. I don’t have to be stronger. All I need is one thing and that’s the heart. How much heart do you have? How much desire do you have? Is it in you? Do you want to push yourself to learn? Do you want to push yourself to be the best that there is so when you get on the phone with a customer, they know right away? Anybody reading this could do it. That’s the beauty of sales. That’s why it’s so wonderful and fair. You control your destiny and your success and nobody else.

That’s a mic drop moment and about that now and I’ve been learning in the past few years, transferring energy and this year now transferring energy even through the phone and through video. What you’re talking about is powerful. What you said is people today can invest in themselves and I noticed you do this. I want to pick your brain on that. Every day, you can go learn something that then you can give from. I love how you said owning it and not memorize it. You can’t repeat things. Own it and understand it. Make the complex simple again and so I’m curious with you and I noticed this with you. Whether you know it or not you inspire and drive me.

I notice how you still are honing your craft and you’ve achieved high levels of success but you’re still every day, I feel that you’re trying to get better and you’re trying to learn something. I always say you’re the guy that can take the complex and make it simple for all of us to go, “I understand that. I now can start to share that info.” What drives you to keep learning and growing yourself? You hit a high level. What drives you now?

I demand that of myself and that gives me fulfillment. My parents made unbelievable sacrifices to allow me to have the opportunity. God gave me talents that I’d be wasting and I’m not going to let them down. I’m not going to let my parents down for all the sacrifices that they made. I’m not going to let my kids down. I’m not going to set an example for my kids so they know it’s okay to put it on cruise control. I’m not going to do that. I want them to see that the right thing to do is to push yourself to the demand of yourself to be the best you can. Brian, many of us want to have magnetic qualities. We want that. Let’s face it. Let’s put all the egos and the BS aside. We like to be magnetic. We all want to capture attention. You look at certain individuals and say, “That individual is magnetic.” Let me tell you some secrets about being magnetic.

First of all, for everyone that you come into contact with, try and help them be better. Try and help them feel better. If you do that, they’ll want more of that and by definition, they will be drawn to you like a magnet. Again, you can’t give what you don’t have which means you have to put the work in prior to that so you have something to give to allow them to feel better. The other thing that makes people magnetic is confidence, not cockiness, but confidence. How do you gain confidence? Confidence comes from being the absolute best version of yourself right now. Think about that. Are you having your best month, week or year?

Maybe the numbers don’t bear it out always because there’s different tailwinds or headwinds that can affect that but in this environment, are you doing better now given the circumstances you have, then you would have done a month ago, a week ago, a year ago or five years ago? Are you the best version of yourself? Are you growing? If you say, “I’m in the business for ten years.” Is it ten years or is it one year ten times? There’s a big difference.

If you think about being the best version of yourself, not in business, but when you talk to your significant other, work out an issue that you’ve had, talk to your kids or your parents. Also, when you’ve gone through some issues or some problems unlike what we saw in the presidential debate, are you proud of the way you handled those tough times? Are you the best version of yourself? That’s what gives you confidence because knowing that I’ve never been better than I am now gives you confidence that comes through and people are drawn to that. People want to be close to you. People want to work with you, learn from you and do business with you? People want to love you.

Being an athlete growing up and as you talked about the training aspect of life doesn’t go away. You brought in family and that’s a big cornerstone for me. I love how you frame that up, it’s doing it for them because that modeling and showing our team, our significant other and people around us and what’s possible. Also, it is hard work but you’ve got to show up every day and train.

I don’t want to make it look like I’ve got all the answers. I certainly don’t or I’ve done all the things because I certainly haven’t. I’ve made probably more mistakes than most. I’ve had some successes, and I’ve had some epic failures too including no relationship. I’ve had some big failures but again, you’ve got to try and keep getting better all the time. You’ve got to try and take those and try and learn from them. It’s not easy for anyone. It’s certainly not easy for me. I know I’m a work in progress and that’s what I keep striving for. I keep striving to try to learn from that. I try to take those lessons and try to get better and try to be the best version of myself right now.

As we started the show and doing all this, that was what it was all about. We’re all learning and growing. We’re all at different stages in our journey and none of us are perfect. I joke, the imperfectly perfect. We’re right where God wants us to be and we need to continue to pursue that best version of ourselves. I can’t thank you enough. I know that we could talk forever and I’m sure there are other things we could cover.

One thing I do want to say is, I do begin each day and if you do this already, that’s wonderful but I do begin each day with gratitude. My ritual is I have some coffee and I’ve started meditating. It’s a short period of time but I’ve started this. It’s hard for me because my brain is all over the place. Before we started but I have some coffee and I say out loud all the things that I’m so grateful for. Not only the material but the abilities and the situations. When you get hit with the issues of the problems that invariably are going to come, you have a better perspective on it. That’s an important one that certainly helped me. I want to share that.

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The other thing is, we did launch something. We launch the Certified Mortgage Advisor. It’s something that’s incredible if you’re in real estate, mortgage, and you want to walk the walk. If you want to have something to give and you can’t give what you don’t have and you want to have some knowledge that will teach you the things that nobody else will teach. Also, if you’d like to sound like me in a transaction, what I’ve done is I’ve taken what I’ve learned in over 30 years and all the mistakes I’ve made and refined it and broken it down into a solid eight hours. The quality is incredible. We did it with a film, The Mandalorian, and Netflix so it’s beautiful.

They’re twenty-minute modules so you don’t have to sit there for eight hours. Although people are telling me they’re bingeing it anyway because it can’t stop it. They’re like, “I’ve been in the business for 25 years and I never do all this stuff. I can’t wait to take this and apply it. I’m going to dominate.” If you want that, then you need to become a certified mortgage advisor even if you’re in real estate because it’s part of it. We teach you everything from understanding the markets, the FED, the real estate market, the interest rate market, the bond market, and economics. We teach you all of it. Also, how to create wealth for yourself, most importantly, as well as your clients.

If you go to BecomeCMA.com and put in the CMAMBS code, you get $500 off in the next week on the course. It’ll change your life. The certification will be amazing for you to have and that designation. It will change your life. So many people affected my life this way. A few people that I always am grateful for are this guy Jack Grubman who taught me two things. He was the first guy that introduced me to technical analysis, looking at the charts and reading the charts and the guy who brought Japanese candlesticks to the United States.

BCS 24 | Embracing Change

Embracing Change: The good news is that the vast majority of people won’t do it.


Was I lucky that I ran into him, he took a liking to me and he mentored me shortly after bringing him to the United States and I introduced him to the mortgage industry? That was luck but I was prepared for it. I was preparing myself for that lucky opportunity and break because I started studying it after Jack Grubman introduced me. The other thing Jack introduced me to is he had this crazy way of thinking about things that I never did. Jack was the first person that taught me to think big. I always think, “If I can get from point A to point B.” Jack would be like, “You’ve got to see so far beyond that. Don’t think about how you’re going to do the market. Think about how you can do this globally.” That for me changed so much and if you’re reading this, think big because then if you come up a little short it’s still big.

I’m glad you plugged in the CMA because I want people to understand how they can take action today and that’s something we’re going to be putting out to our team and I know all across the organization.

I’m going to plug my book. Buy Money in the Streets on Amazon. It’ll help you. It’s not like I get rich off the book. That’s not that at all. I didn’t do it for the money. It’s something though that will help people.

Where else can people follow along in your journey and learn with you along the way on social?

I’m easy to find. It’s not too difficult to google Barry Habib but if you’re part of MBS Highway, I do a video every single morning that breaks things down for you. It’s about 6 or 7 minutes that me and my team put together. I’ve got my son, Dan who is with me and also Megan Anderson. It’s Dan, Megan, and myself who do this morning update that helps people. The tools with MBS Highway are things that will give you a measurable advantage that will insulate you regardless of whether you’re having a tailwind or headwind that will help you capitalize if you get a tailwind. It will also help you combat these changes. We talked about opportunities and change. The change that’s currently before eyes is FinTech. It’s technology. It is so hard for us as individuals to compete in the future without making the adaptations that need to be made today. There’s an old thing that says, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Megan and Dan, we love them and the music you put on there in the mornings. I’ve got to give a shout out. I love that man. You start your day. I don’t know how people in the mortgage space at least survive when you don’t have it.

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I love music. You mentioned that I produced Rock of Ages and we have that all over the world and the movie. I played the record producer in that movie but I love music so much. I sing in a band so we’ve got a rock band. Believe it or not me. In spite of me, the band’s good. I do love music so every day it’s so much fun trying to pick the song of the day. We’ve got some great teammates that select the song of the day. Dan selected one which is good but we try and make it appropriate and fun as far as the update goes.

We love it. Thank you for all you’re doing and being a friend and a mentor for a lot of us that follow along and you’re making a significant impact. I know that we’ll be able to reach an even broader audience that is going to learn, grow and become better because of the time you spent. Thank you.

Thank you. I hope everybody knocks out of the park. God bless you and be successful.

This has been another episode of the show. Make sure you go over and like, subscribe and leave comments there. Let us know other guests you’d like for us to have on. Having Barry on was a huge treat for me and for many of you. We thank you for tuning in. Let us know how we can serve you and best support your growth as you learn and grow to become the best version of you. Catch you on the next one. See you guys.

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BCS 24 | Embracing Change

MBS Highway is a company and platform created to help mortgage professionals and Real Estate Agents articulate the opportunity in the housing market for their clients, along with a better understanding of the interest rate environment.

Barry has had many successful businesses that he has founded, grown, and sold. This includes Mortgage Market Guide, Healthcare Imaging Solutions, and Certified Mortgage Associates. During Barry’s mortgage sales career, he was recognized for having the highest annual origination production in the US on two occasions. Barry personally originated over $2 Billion dollars in mortgage loan production over his career.

He is also the Lead Producer and Managing Partner for “Rock of Ages” – a Broadway musical theatrical production, which was also released as a major film starring Tom Cruise. Barry also plays the part of the record producer in the movie.

For over 20 years, Barry is a well-known professional speaker on the financial and Real Estate markets.

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