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How to Win at Life No Matter Where You Started and Even If You’re Facing a Wall of Adversity Now

If you’re like just about any of us, life’s hit you hard at times. Maybe it is right now.

You’ve felt stuck in “average” for too long even though you know you’re meant for more. And that’s holding you back and limiting your life, business, relationships, and maybe even your faith...

If that's you, you're not alone!

What if, instead, you had the "keys" to unlock bigger possibilities and create the life you want?

If you had those keys and leveraged them with your own unique past just right, you'd be able to create your dream life over and over and move out of average and into extraordinary.

The good news?

That's what THIS book will show YOU: How to move beyond struggle and pain so you can live an amazing life, have great relationships, and build the business of your dreams, which means you’ll be living the life you’re designed to live on your terms.

In this book, for YOU, I went out and found the most amazing people who started from nothing (and less than nothing in some cases) and built incredible businesses, relationships, and lives.

People like
David Meltzer
Micheal Burt
Rich Redmond
Anthony Trucks
Evan Stewart
Matt Newman
Nada Lena
Rene Rodriguez
Brittany Hodak
...and more

Most of these people you probably know by name.

If not, you definitely know them by reputation and what they’ve done, regardless of where they started.

I spent hours and hours getting access and interviewing them and put the very best of their “lessons learned” and strategies in this book in an easy-to-read and simple-to-implement way for YOU.

Inside you will learn:
* The secret to getting on BIG stages (like Shark Tank) and how to leverage your platform for MILLIONS

* The simpler-than-you-might-imagine way to build superfans that hang onto your every word (so there’s always a demand for whatever you choose to offer)

* Four ways to “say” more with your tone and body language (get this right and your advantage goes up 5x, get it wrong and your chances drop like a rock)

* How to overcome the worst (yes, worst) adversity possible and still create an amazing life of service (so you not only build a fantastic business but also feel incredible about living a life of impact)

* The simple way the world’s top entrepreneurs structure their day (you’ve never seen it this easy before!)

* How to create your own “$100 million message” that adds so much value to others you can’t help but succeed (this person started with absolute zero and built from nothing, and he shows you how to do it, too)

* The counterintuitive way to embrace pressure and stress to make them your biggest ally (imagine the impact of performing better in those situations!)

* Why creating an incredible “experience” is table stakes (and exactly how to do it in a way that’s quick, easy, and propels you forward FAST)

* A surprisingly simple “lighthouse” technique on Facebook that makes you stand out among the crowd (and have people clamoring for your insight and positivity)

* How to get past the classic “fear of failure” and turn a decade long struggle into millions of recurring income while impacting thousand (even if you have no background in business), so people want what you have

* ...and MUCH more!

I can’t wait for you to have these secrets. Since these conversations took place, I and my business are having our best year ever! Don’t miss out when this book launches and, instead, be the first to know!

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